What I do.

As a coach, I help people find meaning and purpose in their work. As a management professional, I support businesses that focus on their people as their true unique asset to build organizational practices that help them grow.

Why I do what I do.

Following degrees in psychology and business, my first ever ‘real’ job was supporting a large organizational merger. Not the financial modeling or strategic work, but the actual implementation and building of organizational structures. It was fascinating: to see the traditional bureaucracy suddenly in flux, and how people liked it.

In the years thereafter, I searched for best practices in human centered workplaces: leading teams, working in HR, and spending time in the world of startups and social impact. Suprisingly, the same old, bureaucratic organizational principles are found everywhere, and so are people that are ready for change.

That’s when I decided I would make it the focus of my work. I think how we work together is at the heart of all of our major challenges. I think the next decade will be one where we question and experiment with all our established organizational practices to replace them with ones that support people, purpose, planet, and yes, profit.

I’m currently based in Seattle, WA.