As a client, I help you gain insight in your strengths and how they come together in your career or life path. Call it “Talent Management 2.0”. Whether you are at a junction in your career, looking for more purpose and meaning in your work, or trying to find something that resembles a work/life balance, I can help you make some serious progress in a short amount of time.

Game of Gifts.

I use a tool called the “Game of Gifts”. Playful and profound, it bypasses your inner critic, that voice inside your head that may undermine you, tell you what you ‘should’ do, or disapprove of dreams. Focused and effective, we can make significant progress in two, max three coaching sessions of about three hours.

Game of Gifts in action.

What people say.

Working with Kris gave me a different perspective and deeper understanding of my strengths and how they interact. I strongly recommend this training as a key building block for anyone’s personal development.


I’ve learned to amplify my hidden strengths, and it’s changed how I’m showing up. Kris is a masterful, empathic, and knowledgeable guide through the process.


I was absolutely stunned at the amazing journey of self re-discovery I experienced through Game of Gifts with Kristian’s guidance. I came to realize that I had pushed away some of my greatest gifts and needs in the work hustle.


The entire experience was incredibly insightful and I found it to be a very grounding exercise. I was very surprised and impressed with how accurate the final picture proved to be.


Game of Gifts connected my present self with my past self in a profound way. Equally important, I use it to help guide me to my chosen future. Kris is the perfect instructor.


Steps in a typical coaching process.

  1. Getting to know each other. A coaching relationship is personal. I’d like to get to know you a little bit, and for you to get to know me.
  2. Intake. I ask you a few basic questions to get to know you, explore where you are in your life right now and the questions you might have.
  3. We identify your talents and which roles they have. Those that support your well-being, those that show up in relationships with people around you and in your work, and the talents that work in service of your life’s purpose.
  4. Recap. Looking back at the questions you had when we started, what have you learned? How have your questions changed, which answers have come up? What are concrete next steps you can take?
  5. Wrap-up. I send you some materials to reflect on our previous sessions and if you like, I will share some of my resources for more inspiration.